Construction Management Software. Work smarter, not harder

Construction Management Software will:

•          Improve site and project management
•          Streamline communications with clients, staff and sub-contractors
•          Save your business time and money

Like most industries, tools and methods in the construction sector have changed over time. This is the same for business practices, administration and management systems.

Today, smartphones, tablets and cloud computing are as common place on a construction site as nail guns, battery drills and laser levels. If you’re not using these tools, then you could be falling behind.

Not only will these systems save you time, they will improve the way you run a job site, the way in which you communicate with your clients, your sub trades and your staff, and most importantly they will save you money.

Whether you are running one job or 100, a construction management system can help you to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and give you a better understanding of how each job is progressing against time and budget.

But like any business tool, proper set up, maintenance and user knowledge is required to achieve the improvements you are looking for. Garbage in means garbage out.

Take the time to understand what you want from and need from a Construction Management System. Make sure that it is fully set up by the service provider and that the staff who will be using it are fully trained. This may require a change to “old habits” but stick with it as it will be worth it in the end.

Many of these systems will integrate with other packages you might already be using such as job costing and estimating software, accounting systems or payroll.

Just as not all construction businesses are the same, neither are your software options. Each system offers different features depending what you require as a building contractor. For small companies, a simple tool to keep track of individual jobs and tasks may suffice, while a larger company would benefit from comprehensive job tracking through from initial leads to long term warranty requirements.

There are more than a dozen different packages currently available on the New Zealand market. For more information on different packages and their benefits and features please contact me.