Earthquake rebuilds coming to an end

Council has declined dramatically, according to an 18-month review of figures. Just 28 consents issued in July 2016 were recorded as earthquake recovery, down from a high of 117 in both March and June 2015. Similarly, consents issued as “Business as Usual” are also showing a decline. April 2015 saw an unusually low number of … Continued

Understanding and developing your Marketing Mix

Many people think that Marketing, Promotion and Advertising are the same thing. In actual fact they all quite different. Developing and understanding a precise Marketing Mix, one that matches the needs and desires of your target market is essential to the long term growth and sustainability of your business. You may have heard of the … Continued

Do you own a business…or do you own a job?

Does your business rely on you being there to make all the decisions? Would things grind to a halt if you took a week off to go on holiday or if you got sick? Do you have to supervise the work of your staff to make sure that it is done properly? Today many small … Continued